Corn Cheese Balls

February 28, 2019


Or corn cheese nuggets / bites. Makes for a quick make-ahead snack - you could prepare cheese corn balls and freeze in air tight bags for a couple of weeks – simply fry when serving.

Why buy packed and frozen snacks when you can make your own? Pros: chemical preservative free!


Makes: 12-14 corn cheese balls


Time taken:

Prep: 20 minutes

Cooking: 5 minutes


Ingredients to make Corn Cheese Balls


2 large-ish potatoes, boiled and mashed

½ cup corn kernels

2 tsp rice flour*

½ tsp dry mango powder / amchur

½ tsp red chilli flakes

½ tsp black pepper powder

Salt to taste

12-14 tiny cubes of cheddar / mozzarella cheese



Method of making Corn Cheese Balls


Lightly pound the corn kernels, enough for the kernels to open, so they don’t burst when frying. Add mashed potatoes, rice flour (to lend an extra crunch to the corn cheese balls), spices and salt. Mix well.


Take a tablespoon of the potato and corn mix on to your palm and flatten. Place a cube of mozzarella / cheddar (or cheese of choice) in the middle and bring the mix together to form a tight ball.


Refrigerate the corn cheese balls for an hour. Fry and serve hot, while the cheese melts away! :)


Serve corn cheese balls with a thousand island dip, mint chutney or condiment of choice.




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