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    • Stir-fried chicken

      This recipe is really just my take on a recipe somewhere between a chicken pepper fry and chilli chicken. Part 2: Cooking Bring the chicken to room temperature, if stored in a refrigerator. Add mustard seeds and curry leaves – once these splutter, add chicken. Do take a look at the other snacks & appetisers / recipes and simple Indian meal ideas. #chickenstirfry #recipe #whiskmixstir #chickenrecipes #quickmeals #mealideas #chillichicken #chinesefood #dinner #indianmealideas #foodblog #indianmeal #streetfood #rustic #rusticfood #snacks #foodrecipeblog #appetisers #chickentikka #chickenkebab #tandoorichicken #indianstreetfood #schezwanchicken #chickensmallplates #chickensnacks #chickenappetisers #alldayfood #indianrecipes #recipeblog #indianrecipeblog #indianfoodblog #stirfriedchickenrecipe #chickenstirfryrecipe #chickenrecipe #indiancookingblog #quickindianrecipes #quickrecipes #quickbreakfastrecipes #quicksnackrecipes #quicksmallplatesrecipes

    • Schezwan Chicken

      A popular Indian-Chinese appetiser: fresh, hot, mildly sweet, crispy, juicy chicken… Schezwan chicken ticks all the boxes for not just a quick and easy appetiser but also a meal by itself when served with steamed rice. Then coat the chicken pieces with cornflour / rice flour. * Rice flour adds a nice crunch to the fried chicken. The onions and capsicum should be firm and the fried chicken still crisp, so avoid over cooking Schezwan Chicken in the sauces. Sprinkle sesame seeds and serve schezwan chicken hot as an appetiser. Do take a look at the other small plates / appetisers and quick meals recipes Feel free to share WhiskMixStir recipe links / Indian food recipe blog with your family & friends!

    • Chilli Chicken

      Chilli Chicken... anyone's favourite Indian-Chinese recipe. Refrigerate the marinated chicken on warmer days. At this point, the chicken should be almost done. Of course this dry version of chilli chicken is usually served as an appetiser but, it makes for a full meal when served with fried rice or noodles and to me chilli chicken tastes great with steamed rice and chapatis too! Do take a look at the other snacks & appetisers / mains recipes and simple Indian meal ideas.

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      All Recipe Posts Breakfast Mains Appetisers / Small Plates Indian Desserts Cakes & Cookies Condiments & Others Fasting Specials Beverages Search Log in / Sign up We Couldn’t Find This Page Check out some of the other great posts in this blog.

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      All Recipe Posts Breakfast Appetisers / Small Plates Mains Indian Desserts Cakes & Cookies Fasting Specials Condiments & Others Beverages Search Login / Sign up Sheetal Jandial Apr 14 Basic Moong Dal Tadka This is a basic moong dal tadka recipe, with a simple, flavourful tadka (tempering) for the ones new to cooking. Write a comment Sheetal Jandial Dec 12, 2019 Vegetables and Chicken in White Sauce Comfort food at its best. A bake with veggies and chicken… easy, warming, hearty meal. Write a comment Sheetal Jandial Sep 28, 2019 Herbed Chicken Terrine This recipe was a first for me… as are many other recipes on the blog :) Chicken Terrine is a cheat’s / homemade version of salami (not cured or fermented th... Write a comment Sheetal Jandial Jun 19, 2019 Kairi Murgh Or chicken cooked in raw mango gravy.

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