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Kachi Haldi Adrak ka Achaar

Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Pickle.

Perfect for the winters as fresh turmeric and ginger are both spices that keep you warm.

The health benefits and medicinal properties of Fresh Turmeric and Ginger rhizomes are many and well documented.

Fresh Turmeric or Kachi Haldi is available in abundance during the winter months in India and this is the perfect time to pickle it.

If you're like me, you will even sun-dry fresh turmeric rhizomes (and a whole lot of other seasonal vegetables!) under the cool winter sun for homemade turmeric powder.

Kachi Haldi adds a more vibrant flavour to a recipe than its dried powdered form. From haldi wala doodh (aka turmeric latte) to fresh pickles to adding grated fresh haldi in everyday meals instead of turmeric powder to homemade face masks even, I do make the most of it while kachi haldi is in season.

Fresh ginger is available throughout the year and consumed in its various forms in most Indian households… core ingredient in adrak wali chai, as a spice in everyday Indian meals and curries, as a mouth freshener & post-meal digestive in its candied form and how can one forget homemade ginger ale! Fresh ginger makes a delicious accompaniment to fresh turmeric in this traditional Indian pickle recipe.

You may also want to try this Instant Carrot Pickle while juicy red carrots are in season. This is the one served with pindi chole and is different from the winter favourite Gobi Gajar Shalgam ka Achaar.

Makes a batch that lasts me a week to 10 days

Time taken: 15 minutes

Ingredients to make Kachi Haldi Adrak ka Achaar

1 cup fresh turmeric / kachi haldi, cut in to roundels

1 cup fresh ginger / adrak, cut in to roundels

½ cup fresh green chilies (optional but yumm!)

½ cup lemon juice or lime juice

Salt to taste

Fresh Turmeric Rhizome / Kachi Haldi

Method of making Kachi Haldi Adrak ka Achaar

Slice the fresh turmeric and ginger roots (rhizomes) in to roundels. You could even julienne the fresh turmeric and ginger roots or grate them… Chop the fresh turmeric and ginger roots as per your preferred shape… I like to use roundels for this super simple recipe of Kachi Haldi Adrak ka Achaar.

Place the chopped Kachi Haldi and Adrak in a bowl. Add salt to taste, I added 2 tsp as we are pickling these and salt is required in a slightly higher quantity than your regular meals. Mix the salt well.

Next and finally, add the lemon juice or lime juice, whichever is easily available to you, to the chopped and salted Kachi Haldi and Adrak. Mix everything well and transfer the ingredients to a glass jar with an airtight lid.

Let the Kachi Haldi Adrak ka Achaar sit / marinate for a couple of hours atleast before serving. Again, like any other pickle, this Fresh Turmeric and Ginger pickle tastes best the next day.

This easy recipe of Kachi Haldi Adrak ka Achaar / Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Pickle does not need to be kept in the sunlight.

I prefer to and highly recommend that you make smaller batches of this Kachi Haldi Adrak ka Achaar as the fresh roots start to lose their crunch within a week. So, make this Fresh Turmeric and Ginger pickle in quantities that would last you for about a week.

The salt and lemon juice act as preservatives and we are therefore, not adding any vinegar or oil in this instant Indian pickle recipe.

I will soon post another recipe of Kachi Haldi Adrak ka Achaar which is preserved in mustard oil and Indian spices, for long term storage and use.

Like any other Indian Condiment, this Kachi Haldi Adrak ka Achaar (fresh turmeric and ginger pickle) goes well with any Indian meal – parathas, thalipeeth, dal sabzi, chole masala or any other Indian Curry... the list is endless.

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