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Egg Bhurji

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Anda Bhurjee or Masala Scrambled Eggs or Spicy Scrambled Eggs!

This recipe is one that is quick yet needs a keen sense of timing for each step of the cooking process.

Adding each ingredient at the right time, to make the flavours work in layers. Cook the potatoes enough to not result in a mash, the onions enough to bring out their sweetness, the tomatoes enough to soak the rest of the ingredients in the tangy flavours!

Such a simple recipe to cook, yet so complex in its flavours… and an absolute delight to eat!

As with most of the recipes on WhiskMixStir, this one too doesn’t need a shopping cart or pantry full of ingredients. Just a few basic everyday ingredients that one would have readily available in the kitchen.

You may wonder what potatoes are doing in this recipe. Just being potatoes! They work well in every recipe! Add them…

Pair Egg Bhurji with buttered toast, or brun or pav or plain slices of your favourite bread. Is so good with plain salted parathas too. The best quick, simple, filling, satiating breakfast ever!

Anda Bhurji is an easy to pack lunch or breakfast for kids’ tiffin too. Roll it in a chapatti with some fresh crisp veggies and you have an on-the-go breakfast wrap ready. For the kids and for you!

Egg Bhurji is a go to recipe for days when I want a good meal but have less time to cook that good meal.

This recipe of Egg Bhurji is naturally gluten-free.

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Serves: 2

Time taken: 20 minutes

10 minutes for cooking

10 minutes for prep

Ingredients to make Egg Bhurji

3 eggs

1 potato, medium size

2 onions, medium size

2 tomatoes, medium size

2 green chillies

1 tsp black pepper powder

Salt to taste

A couple of sprigs fresh coriander (optional)

2 tbsp cooking oil

Method of making Egg Bhurji

Told you, it’s a simple recipe. That doesn’t need a long list of ingredients. The magic is in the cooking of these ingredients together to bring out their best!

Prep first.

Finely chop (or roughly chop!) the onions, potatoes, tomatoes and green chillies. All separately.

Heat the cooking oil in a thick bottom cooking pan or kadhai. The quantity of oil may seem a lot but is required to cook all the ingredients and the eggs through. Reduce it at your own risk.

First, add the potatoes. “Fry” the potatoes till half done. Next add the onions. Cook the onions and potatoes together till the onions turn pink. We are not making a cooked-down masala here – so nothing is to be cooked till the colour or texture changes. Every ingredient adds a bite or a texture to the Bhurjee.

Finally, add the tomatoes and chillies. Cook the onions, tomatoes and potatoes till the tomatoes start to break and the juices from the tomatoes start to coat everything else.

Add salt and half the black pepper powder. Mix well.

Crack and beat the eggs in a bowl. Add salt and the rest of the black pepper powder.

Make a well in the pan by moving the ingredients to the sides. Add the beaten eggs at one go. Start mixing in the onion tomato potatoes mix in to the eggs as they begin to cook. Didn’t call them masala scrambled eggs for nothing.

Once the eggs are well cooked – soft and fluffy not runny, definitely not chewy; Egg Bhurji is ready to serve. I leave the done-ness of the egg part to you - cook the eggs as much or as little as you like. Runny or well done - your choice.

Add chopped coriander, mix and cover the cooked egg bhurji for a minute or so. This just helps… somehow!

And your Anda Bhurji is now ready to serve!

With well-buttered (or not) toasted bread, brun (broon?), pav, parathas or anyway you like it.

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