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Homemade Kulfi

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

With summer setting in, there’s no better dessert than kulfi. Yes, it will take a couple of hours but it’s totally worth the effort!

ALWAYS use full fat milk, coz there’s no such thing as low fat kulfi!

Choose to flavour it as per your preference – with natural extracts (pista, almond…), add rose syrup at the end to make rose kulfi, mango pulp or reduced orange juice to make mango kulfi or orange kulfi…

This recipe does not use rice flour or cornflour as thickeners – the only “thickeners” used here are the coarsely grounded / chopped nuts, which, besides adding flavour to the kulfi, also add a great texture.

Savour it as it is or make some falooda noodles, flavoured reduced milk with dried fruits and sabza to put together a falooda kulfi / ice-cream at home, using homemade kulfi.

Makes: 12 kulfis

Time taken

Cooking: approx. 2 hours

Freezing time: approx. 4 – 8 hours (depending on your freezer settings)

Ingredients to make Kulfi

2 litres full fat milk

¾ cup sugar, adjust to taste*

½ cup of nuts (of choice – pistachio, almonds, cashewnuts) – coarsely chopped

4 – 5 green cardamoms, powdered

A few strands of saffron

A pinch of salt

*adjust the quantity of sugar in case adding rose syrup, mango pulp, orange juice, depending on the sweetness / tartness of the fruits.

Method of making Kulfi

Gently boil the milk in a thick bottom vessel, on medium low flame, stirring occasionally to stop the milk from sticking to the bottom of the vessel and burning. When the milk is reduced to half the quantity, add sugar and continue to cook it down further.

Once the quantity of milk is reduced to one third the original quantity, add nuts, saffron, cardamom powder and salt.

** a pinch of salt is added only to bring the flavours together and enhance the sweetness.

Skip if making kulfis to be eaten while fasting.

Taste and adjust sugar. When adding sugar, remember it will taste 'less sweet' once the mix cools down / is frozen - add just a little extra sugar than you normally would (maybe just a tablespoon or so).

Throughout the cooking process, keep scraping the sides of the vessel, to put the malai back in to the kulfi mix. That’s where all the flavour is!

Take the Kulfi mix off the heat and leave it to cool for a few minutes.

If making malai kulfi, transfer the reduced milk to kulfi moulds as it is. For silkier textured kulfi, whiz the mix in a blender and then transfer to kulfi moulds.

Freeze for 5-6 hours or overnight. Once set, serve kulfi plain or drizzled with rose syrup.

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