What do you make, besides salads, when you have black rice in the kitchen pantry ? Hmmm… grind it to a coarse black rice flour and make black rice phirni !

May 14, 2019

Yes! Kanji has been put to good use in my kitchen *grinning*

Another recipe using Kanji, is the spicy and popular North Indian street food Kanji Vada.

The ingredients for Kanji Pulao are the same as any regular pulao, with the addition of Kanji. Here, Kanji is used as a r...

April 25, 2019

Spicy moong dal vadas dipped in tangy Kanji

The Kanji recipe traditionally used for this combination i.e. Kanji Vada, is a simple beverage of mustard seeds, red chilli powder and salt. I, however, used the Punjabi Kanji recipe.

Kanji vada is a popular street food around...

April 4, 2019

Literally nothing spells winter in Punjab more than sarson ka saag with makki ki roti, gajar ka halwa, gobi gajar achaar... and Gajar ki Kanji; a fermented, mustard seeds based tangy beverage.

Kanji is prepared usually during winters in Punjab, under the not-so-harsh win...

March 18, 2019

The first vegetable (sabji) I learned to cook… besides potatoes.

Potatoes and cauliflower florets cooked in Indian masalas. Yes... everyone has their own version of an Aloo Gobi recipe and this is mine. Some recipes are simpler, with a tempering of just jeera and green c...

February 28, 2019

Or corn cheese nuggets / bites. Makes for a quick make-ahead snack - you could prepare cheese corn balls and freeze in air tight bags for a couple of weeks – simply fry when serving.

Why buy packed and frozen snacks when you can make your own? Pros: chemical preservative...

February 7, 2019

When life gives you coriander… make kothimbir vadi! :) haha (sorry about that one)

Not until you actually make something, do you realise how simple it is. I have always been under the impression that making the traditional Maharashtrian snack kothimbir vadi would be a co...

January 31, 2019

Mint Chutney or Pudina Chutney: a versatile multi-use condiment that goes with everything and perks up the flavour of literally every snack or meal.

This recipe of mint chutney makes delicious chutney sandwiches! Serve it with kachori, pakoras, dhokla… or simply chip di...

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