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From bunking study time to make pronthis with my aunt on most Mondays during school days… to watching my mom cook the best meals effortlessly... to now therapeutic cooking on some weekends… welcome to my food journey !

A few quick recipes, some elaborate Indian cooking and a lot of simple recipes and meal ideas to make your cooking experience fun!

Growing up in Pune (still Poona to me), my food choices have (thankfully!) not been limited to food from a particular region… I love eating, and of course cooking, a variety of Indian food recipes.

Usually cooking Indian food is overwhelming, because of the sheer number of ingredients that are used in traditional Indian food recipes. My style of cooking is mostly andaz se (as they say). Though, as I now document my recipes on my food blog, I do use measures, where possible, while keeping the recipe simple yet authentic.

Because I enjoy cooking so much, I thought it was only apt to document and share my passion… which is how the food blog WhiskMixStir came about.

I share a lot of simple everyday cooking recipes for those of us who are just starting out on their cooking journey... or for the ones looking for quick recipes and Indian meal ideas possibly after a long day at work. Everyone at some point or the other is new to cooking, as am I, so I blog my recipes to document them and also help fellow learners along the way.

I hope you enjoy reading and more importantly trying out my recipes and meal ideas… do write in to me with your feedback!


Sheetal Jandial

PS: Feel free to share WhiskMixStir recipe links / food blog with your family & friends! Remember to give credit where its due :) Pls do not publish my content, recipes and / or photos as your own.

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